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Software Features

Our unique security system dynamically adjusts program menus based on the operator's logon security level. The system will show the operator only those programs for which they have the proper access. In addition, all significant system updates are password protected.

On-line & Interactive
Our system is fully "real-time". All entries in registration, billing, receipts, appointments, patient records are instantly available to all users of the system.

Search Screens
Medical management systems, like most computerized accounting systems, depend on the use of codes. There are patient codes, insurance carrier codes, procedure codes, diagnosis codes, physician codes, referring party codes, recall reason codes, to name a few. The use of codes is necessary for the computer but can cause difficulties for the operators. The DNA system provides extensive searching capabilities at each location in the data entry process where a code is needed. These search routines appear in "windows" that can be accessed by entering one key stroke.

Accounts Receivable
• complete "open item" accounting audit trail for each payment, adjustment or charge
• a variety of statement formats, easily "customized"
• extensive reporting
• cycle billing option • Health Plan Management (HMO, IPA, PPO, self-insureds)
• complete "pre-authorization" management system
• powerful patient ledger display & print capability

Data Validation and Audit Trails
All data fields are completely edited and, as applicable, validated against the codes in the various files. Both charges and payments/adjustments are "batched" and can be edited at any time until the batch has been balanced and updated. Full audit trail reports in a variety of formats are provided.

The system can accommodate any practice organization; multi-practice, multi-location, multi-physician. The hardware configurations can accommodate any array of terminals, work-stations, and printers. The system includes a powerful printer/output control interface that provides each operator with a choice of possible printers for any reports.

The system supports all of the standardized insurance claim formats, e.g. 1500, Medi-Cal, and customized "invoice" formats for worker compensation and industrial. Electronic claims submission is available for Medicare, Medi-Cal, and, via clearing house, to nearly all other insurance carriers.

Also . . . .
* Insurance Claim "tracking" & rebilling
* up to nine insurance coverages per patient
* variety of patient statement formats
* multiple fee schedules
* billing base on unit value capability by insurance carrier
* maintain complete bill until paid and purged at operator discretion

One of the more neglected and frustrating parts of A/R management is collections. The DNA system provides the tools needed to automate and streamline the process. The system includes a collection log that records each statement sent, collection call made, payment reminder sent, or collection note entered. The collection notes provide a trail of activity regarding the patient (e.g. calls) with a built-in follow-up date that will bring the account back to the attention of the collection personnel at a specified date in the future. The collections module will automatically assign claims to collector(s) as they become due. The system also produces reports to measure the effectiveness of the collections efforts. A variety of aging reports are possible based on the age, balance, financial classification, and/or physician on the account. Payment reminder letters may be produced for any subset of the A/R system.

Another part of the collection process is insurance claim tracing. The system can produce a listing of unpaid bills, rebill to primary or secondary carrier, and/or produce a cover tracing letter.

Of course, the detailed account ledger is available for screen display or hard copy at any time. The DNA system also includes a detailed audit trail of which payments/adjustments were applied against a charge. This information makes it possible to trace all activity on a ledger to the smallest detail of which charges were paid with a particular payment.

Management Reports & Statistical Analysis
One additional benefit of the DNA system is that the practice can now be analyzed on a basis never before possible. Physician production statistics are produced on a month-to-date, last month, year-to-date, last year basis. Receivable summary analysis is available for any of the 4 different types of financial classes. Collection statistics are produced for each insurance carrier (by procedure code if desired) showing payments, adjustments and percentages.

Appointment Scheduling

The DNA system includes a powerful scheduling system for any number of providers and any number of specialties. Each provider can have a distinct pattern for available time slots, and up to four providers can appear on the screen simultaneously. The appointment scheduler will produce charge tickets for the day as well as appointment listings.

A unique feature of the DNA system allows an operator to make appointments at any time from within any screen on the system. This feature eliminates the problem of an operator having to interrupt other processing to make an appointment. Searching existing and/or cancelled appointments is done with a few simple keystrokes.

• complete demographics
• Integrated with MS-Word
• alternate address
• 9999 lines profile "notes"
• 9999 lines visit "notes"
• recalls
• prescription/medication history
• complete procedure history

• patient search based on dozens of operator defined criteria
• mailing labels
• automatic letter generation for recalls, payment reminders, marketing letters etc.
• dozens of data retrieval reports

• hard copy capability on every screen
• complete security access to programs
• "action" reminder system
• multiple office/ multiple practice capability

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