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The DNA Medical Practice Management System includes dozens of different reports which are an essential part of the software system. Printed output from the DNA system can be categorized as follows:

1. File Listings
These reports are usually simple "dumps" of data in files. In many cases, the user is given a choice of "sort" options (e.g. alphabetical), "selection" options (e.g. one particular type of insurance carrier (HMO)), and/or print formats. Some of the file listings provided are; procedure codes, diagnosis codes, insurance carriers, physicians, referring parties, recall reasons, employers, facilities, and medications.

2. Analysis Reports
These reports sometimes have the same "options" as file listings, but have the additional distinction of providing some computational or analytical data. For example, the A/R Aging Analysis Report allows the user to "select" records based on balance due, age of account, type of account, or physician. The user may also choose either account code or alphabetical print order. The report produces aged totals of the "selected" accounts. This report (and many others in the system) serves a variety of purposes depending on user choices when running the report. For example, the A/R Aging is also a very useful collection tool if only older accounts are "selected" for printing. Other "Analysis" reports include Physician Production Statistics, Physician Payments & Adjustments Applied Report, Insurance Claim Analysis Report, Account Classification, Aging Summary, and many others.

3. Form Printing
Of course, the system provides for several pre-printed "form" type reports. Insurance claims billing, worker's comp billing, DIA76 form printing, initial report of injury, and account statements are examples of "form printing".

4. Miscellaneous
Other "miscellaneous" reports include mailing labels, patient ledger print, and patient procedure history print. In addition, the DNA system has the unique advantage of being able to produce a printed copy of any screen at any time from any terminal on the system with a few simple keystrokes.

The following links represent selected sample reports from the DNA system. This is not a complete list as there are hundreds of reports and variations of reports. This list is intended to be representative and does contain many of the more commonly used reports.

 1. Physician Practice Analysis Report
 2. A/R Aging Analysis Report
 3. Physician Production Statistics Report
 4. Account Classification Aging Summary Report
 5. Account Classifications with A/R Detail Report
 6. Daily Charge Batch Report
 7. Physician Daily Charge Batch Report
 8. Cash Receipts Deposit Slip
 9. Physician Batch A/R Transaction Report
10. Batch A/R Transaction Report
11. Payments & Adjustments Applied – Monthly Report
12. Referring Party Referral History
13. A/R Detail Transaction Analysis Report
14. Responsible Party Temp File Listing
15. Patient File Listing
16. Plain Paper Statement Format
17. Treatment Phys/Patient Phys Charge Report
18. Insurance Carrier & Procedures – Pymt/Adj Analysis
19. Insurance Coverage Listing
20. Diagnosis Code Listing – Alphabetical
21. Procedure Group Listing
22. Procedure Code Listing – Alphabetical
23. Transaction Code Listing
24. Account Classification Codes Listing
25. Physician Specialty Listing
26. Medications Listing
27. Recall Reasons Listing
28. Insurance Carrier Listing – Alphabetical
29. Physician Listing – Alphabetical
30. Referring Party Listing – Alphabetical
31. Facility File Listing – Alphabetical
32. Employer Listing – Alphabetical
33. Appointment Time Slot Listing
34. Physician Appointment Listing
35. Physician Cancelled/Resched Appointment Listing
36. Appointment Short Listing
37. No Show Appointment Listing
38. Sample No Show Letter
39. Physician A/R Aging Summary
40. Phys Monthly Charges & Pymts/Adj Applied Report
41. Physician & Procedures – Pymt/Adj Analysis Report
42. Patient Visit Count Analysis Report
43. Physician Account Type Analysis

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