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DNA Medical Software
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Why DNA?

Track Record
Established in 1983, DNA Medical Software has set the standard in providing solutions to the data processing needs of medical practices both large and small in Southern California and, through independent dealers, nationwide. To date more than 240 practices have used DNA systems. More than half of our users were previously computerized, whether with an in-house system or a service bureau. In each case we have been able to provide superior results, often for less cost. Specialties include Ob/Gyn, Internal Medicine, Ophthalmology, ENT, Cardiology, Neurology & Neurosurgery, Orthopedics, Industrial Medicine, billing services, Worker's Compensation, and more.

Development Environment
As technology has advanced over the years, DNA has kept pace with hardware systems offering the latest in performance and capability, including Windows95 & Windows98. The software systems have been developed using a revolutionary "4th generation" development system that is DNA's own product. DNA's application software is "head and shoulders" ahead of the competition and the gap is continuing to increase. The "4th generation" development system is so powerful and effective that other computer software companies license it from DNA for their own use. Applications include credit union, banking, wholesale distribution, airline fuel management, oil refinery system, and insurance. Our unique windowing system results in very elegant, functional, and user-friendly data entry and display screens. The DNA system can run on the most powerful multi-user systems available today AND in the future.

The most important element in providing quality data processing solutions is the support after the sale. This support is most important during the initial conversion and training, but remains vital throughout the entire life of the system. A typical DNA installation includes more than 100 hours of on-site training and support. Our customers are the best supported and, therefore, are the most satisfied in the industry. Data conversion assistance is also available. DNA is a full service organization, providing software, training, and hardware support.

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