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Why Computerize?

The modern medical practice demands more efficient handling of the information flowing through the practice. Questions are asked by the physicians, managers, employees, and patients of the practice that are often best answered by an efficient, user-friendly computer system. A computer will organize, analyze, distribute and process data in ways that are not practical or cost-justified to be done manually. Information is the key to the big picture in medical practices (billing, A/R management, collections, patient records) and to the not-so-big picture (statistics, research, mailings, marketing) as well. In the past, the limitations in the performance and sophistication of both computer hardware and software have left medical practices with a choice of systems that were either inexpensive and only addressed a part of the medical practice requirements, or were very costly, complex to use, and difficult to support. Some systems actually caused more problems than they solved. The DNA Practice Management System takes advantage of 18 years of end-user experience combined with the latest advances in hardware and (especially) software technology.

Objectives of Computerization . . . . . . As with any business undertaking, defining the objectives improves the probability of achieving them. What follows are some general and specific objectives that the DNA system has accomplished for its users:

Patient Data Accessibility

  • demographics
  • insurance coverage
  • diagnosis history
  • profile
  • procedures history
  • visit notes
  • prescriptions/medications
  • alternate addresses
  • Word document library
  • spouse data
  • authorizations    

    Patient and Public Relations

  • research (patients with certain diagnosis, procedures or medications, patients not seen in a certain period of time, new patients, etc.)
  • answers to most patient questions at the fingertips of each operator
  • marketing letters to patients and referral sources
  • more efficient appointment taking process
  • minimize chart movement
  • mailing labels for a variety of purposes
  • birthday list/cards
  • recalls

    Statistical Analysis

  • physician production
  • aging summaries for various account financial classifications
  • insurance carrier reimbursements
  • payment & adjustment data by physician, procedure, carrier

    Managed Care Control

  • 10 or more fee schedules
  • RBRVS unit value pricing
  • analysis of cuts by bill review companies
  • statistics that aid you in negotiating with IPAs, PPOs, and HMOs
  • summarization of referral source data    

    Why Computerize
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