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DNA Data Systems Document Scanning/Retrieval

DNA Document Scanning is fully integrated with the Practice Management and EMR Systems. The images are scanned and catalogued under the control of the DNA application and stored on a Windows PC or server. Documents can then be retrieved and viewed/printed from any PC on the network.

Document Scanning also functions as a small ‘Work Flow’ system. As each document is scanned, it is assigned a type, a description, and a physician code. The document can be sent to the Physician ‘Scanned Documents’ folder from which it can be viewed and signed off.

The following slides provide an illustration of Document Scanning.

 1. Patient Scans List 1
 2. Patient Scans List 2
 3. Patient Scans List 3
 4. Patient Scans List 4
 5. New Scan 1
 6. New Scan 2
 7. New Scan 3
 8. View Scan
 9. Physician Scans Tab Folder





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